Health & Safety Commitment

RGF Staffing Group Policy Document

RGF Staffing Group believes that safety starts with the individual and all employees can make a difference and reduce harm.
RGF Staffing supports its people to achieve this vision by making the following commitments to provide a safe and
healthy workplace and prevent injury or ill health:

  • Ensuring safety is integrated into business process and decision making at all levels
  • Regarding compliance with work health and safety legislation as the minimum standard while continuing to improve our safety management systems
  • Implementing a risk management approach to identify, assess, eliminate or control hazards
  • Setting and reviewing measurable objectives and targets for individuals and teams relative to our business operations
  • Recognising employees who demonstrate safety leadership
  • Ensuring all employees receive relevant and current safety training and are held accountable for serious breaches of process or repeated unsafe behaviour
  • Exploring new initiatives to support employee physical and psychological wellbeing
  • Executive promotion of employee safety as both a moral commitment and key element of profitability and sustainability
  • Controlling conflicting business priorities that may have an adverse impact on the safety and wellbeing of our employees
  • Ensuring consultation with all workers, their representatives and clients; sharing expertise and knowledge for the benefit of all